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The Award Winning Haynes Manual

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Featuring the SURE Insulation system

Andy Walker is the Technical Editor and Co-Author

"Rocketing energy prices look set to be a fact of life for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately there's a solution. By fully insulating your home you can make big savings whilst benefiting from more warmth and comfort.

Fixing the leaks that waste valuable heat will transform the energy performance of your home, saving money and boosting its saleability and energy rating.

But there's a right way and a wrong way to insulate. The Haynes Home Insulation Manual explains the correct way to upgrade every part of your property."


Collaboration between SURE Insulation and Haynes Manuals

SURE Insulation is proud to have collaborated with the Haynes Publishing Company to produce a major new work focussing on the detail of Home Insulation.

Andy Walker,  Director of SURE Insulation, was invited by Haynes to become the Technical Editor and Co-Author for this book.  Several of the chapters are written by Andy Walker and over one hundred of the step-by-step photos are from SURE Insulation case studies.

An article in the UK Sunday Times reviewing the book says:

"Spending £14.99 - or less - on a Haynes Home Insulation manual might just be one of the most cost effective investments you will ever make"

We're happy to tell you that shortly after its publication the Home Insulation manual reached No. 5 in the Amazon 100 best selling books list - in all categories.

This is the highest ranking that any Haynes manual has ever reached.

Professor Chris Gorse, Director of the Leeds Sustainability Institute says:

"The Home Insulation Manual produced by Rock and Walker is the most detailed and practical guidance on how to upgrade domestic properties.

It is informed by considerable experience and the research that Andy Walker is undertaking with Leeds Beckett University.

The thermal upgrades and air tightness measures already being introduced by SURE Insulation in Leeds are significantly reducing the energy required to heat and maintain comfortable dwellings."

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