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Services - Whole House Energy Review

Energy review, cold spots, draughts, condensation areas The most common starting point for all of my work is a Whole House Energy Review to carefully assess your home.

The Whole House Energy Review provides impartial information and advice for home and business owners.

I'll discuss how you use the different rooms in your home, your aspirations for being green, your budget and timescales and then give you specific recommendations about the energy efficiency measures and materials that best suit your home - and where you can make the biggest savings.

It's likely that many of the recommendations I make will involve work that is inexpensive if not free.

I'll visit your home and carefully assess where the biggest heat losses are occurring and discuss with you the options you have for increasing comfort levels in your home and down-sizing your bills.

This Review is aimed at giving the home-owner the information they need to make the best decisions about energy savings. It is impartial and if a technology or insulation measure isn't suitable for your home I'll say so.

This good value service includes:
  • A structured Energy Review of both the structure of the building and which rooms are used most.
  • Part of this work includes gaining an understanding of the carbon-reduction aspirations of the home owner along with their budget and timescales.
  • There is also an element of tutorial providing information about the range of energy efficiency measures available for older buildings.
  • The Energy Review provides a prioritised list of key actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel bills.
  • Consideration is also given to which renewable energy systems could be suitable for the property.
  • This is an impartial review giving the home owner the ability to make informed choices about future improvements.
A typical visit / online discussion lasts around two hours although I'm happy to be flexible and adjust the duration to suit your needs.

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