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Services for Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Working with a Housing Association Andy Walker offers services to Housing Associations and Local Authorities in the following areas:

  • Briefings to senior staff and trustees about the significant advantages of super‑insulation and air‑tightness.
  • Consultancy to create strategic refurbishment plans which include super-insulation and air‑tightness - particularly using a multi-phase approach to spread the cost of the upgrade works.
  • Specific Super‑Insulation designs for particular houses. Robust details can be drawn up for the complex areas of each project.
  • Training of existing construction and maintenance staff to understand the important principles of continuous insulation and an airtight building envelope.
  • Training / 'Toolbox talks' for existing workforce and new employees in the necessary techniques and skills.
  • Supervision of workforce on‑site during super‑insulation refurbishment projects.

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