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Location Independent Consultancy using Network Enabled Devices

Location Independent Consulting SURE Insulation started out as an installation company offering renovation work.

It has now become a design and consultancy business based on over ten years of real experience improving the energy efficiency of homes in Northern Europe.

This change allows me to travel more widely and provide my services anywhere in the world.

With the speed and availability of Internet communication it's now straightforward to provide voice, video and online drawing facilities between two very distant locations.

Depending on the location of the property being discussed I may be able to offer an on-site visit. That is I'll physically walk around your property with you and discuss the opportunities for energy savings.

If there's a considerable distance between my current location and the property then I offer a Skype‑based consultation.

In this type of on‑line conversation you'll be invited to walk round your home with a portable video camera connected to the Internet. Examples of this are any smart phone, tablet or laptop.

This kind of on‑line consultancy is gaining in popularity because it allows the customer to get advice from experts - wherever they are based - and of course removes the delays and costs associated with travelling.

Drawings, photos, videos and documents can be sent to me electronically. Recommendation reports and design drawings can similarly be returned to the customer very quickly.

This system of location independent consulting has advantages for everyone.

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