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Super‑Insulation and Energy Conservation Designer in Residence

Andy advising at the Earth Ship, Isle of Sheppey, UK I am very keen to make Super-Insulation and Energy Conservation common practice everywhere.

The principles are straightforward and the results are both transformational and long‑lasting.

If you are a community‑led or not‑for‑profit organisation running a retrofit / refurbishment project - or even a new‑build project - then it could very well be possible for me to travel to your location and lend a hand.

In exchange for accommodation and some meals I'm happy to work with you on your project for a week or maybe more.

Depending on the distance from where I'm currently based then some help with travelling costs would be appreciated.

Whilst I'm "In Residence" I'll be happy to present workshops and tutorials on the complete range of Super‑Insulation and Energy‑Saving techniques.

I can run "Hands On" training sessions and show you the real detail and the "Tricks of the Trade" of properly installing insulation - and believe me I've seen a lot of it done very, very badly ..

If you're running a project that could use some specialist knowledge then give me a call - who knows, I may already be just around the corner ..

Get in touch! .. let's talk about how I can help you with your project

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