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Talks and Presentations about Super‑Insulation and Energy Conservation

Andy Walker giving a talk Over the years I've done a good number of talks to community groups and spoken at conferences.

I gave a talk about Super‑Insulation at one of the Homebuilding and Renovation Shows in the UK. The speaker just before me was a local architect specialising in renovation designs.

By coincidence he was also one of my clients and a year or so beforehand they'd taken me on to design and implement an insulation system In Their Own Offices!.

As he passed over the microphone to me he invited me to mention this fact to the audience and to tell them that they were happy customers of mine.

As references go this one was Gold Plated ..

When I give a talk I start with the statement that "All houses can be made warm and comfortable with low energy bills.."
Of course some houses need more work than others...

However it is certainly possible to make significant changes to the thermal performance of the most important rooms in a house and in so doing make a big impact on the fuel bills.

If done correctly - with the right Design Targets and a lot of Attention to Detail - the result is not merely a change in thermal performance it's a Transformation.

In my talks I cover these things and more:
  • The basic principles of Heat Flow and how insulation really works.
  • Existing Construction Types and their limitations.
  • The available Insulation Materials and where they work best in a house.
  • What causes Condensation and Mould and how to tackle them.
  • Why we stop Draughts and then introduce Ventilation.
  • Renewable Energy Systems and why they are the last thing you should install.

Talking about Insulation and Energy Conservation need not be dull and without humour.
I spice my talks with anecdotes and observations that are likely to raise a smile - and in so doing make it more likely that the subject matter is remembered.

Whilst giving talks face-to-face is very much better when it's possible, it is of course feasible to give presentations live over the Internet.

With suitable equipment such talks could be given from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

Both slides and videos could be streamed - or indeed sent beforehand to be available local to the audience.
Question and answer sessions can similarly be supported.

I'm happy to give talks Free-of-Charge to Community Groups and Eco Projects around the world.

For larger Conferences and Shows I'd ask for some expenses. Either way a contribution towards travelling costs would be required.

Please get in contact if you'd like me to speak at your event.

Get in touch! .. let's talk about how I can help you with your project

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