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Super‑Insulation and Energy Conservation Workshops

Underfloor Insulation and Air Tightness Work Andy Walker of SURE Insulation is now offering training workshops to groups who want to gain the understanding and skills about Super-Insulation and Energy Conservation.

Each Workshop is designed and delivered to exactly match the needs of the people to be trained.
These workshops can be arranged from one day to five days.

The setting can comprise of both lecture type presentations and also practical sessions with actual installation techniques being demonstrated.

Before a Workshop Andy will advise on the necessary preparation work and provide a complete list of the materials needed.
On the training day itself each element of the installation will be clearly described and then demonstrated.

After the workshop each person will have the knowledge and skills to tackle a specific element of super-insulation work.

The fee for this kind of Workshop will depend on where the training is to be delivered and how many people are going to be involved.


Underfloor Insulation and Air Tightness Work An Example Workshop: A very good place to start in a house with timber suspended floors is Underfloor Insulation.

The floor is a very important part of super-insulating a house. In a ground floor room the floor is often a larger area than the external wall. It's often made of floorboards with many gaps covered with only a thin underlay and a carpet - not very much to protect you from the outside air temperature.

There are typically lots of gaps around the edge of the room where cold air can - and does - blow into the house. By creating an air-tight, highly insulated layer at the base of the house the task of keeping the rest of the home warm becomes much more feasible.

The approach taken to super-insulate a floor depends on the amount of available space. Andy Walker has developed techniques for the full range of floor types - from walk-in cellars right down to very small spaces and solid floors.

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